The Soliciting Surgeon

From: Kelly Miller <>

I heard the best one fom a collegue the other day. It seems there were
some college students from UNLV or someSW school that went to Las Vegas
for Spring Break. One student got very lucky and won lots of money, and
his friends wanted to celebrate with him. They got him all drunk and
bought him a prostitute with his winnings as a joke. They left him and
returrned the next morning. He was found in a bathtub full of freezing
waterr and ice cubes, passed out. After his friends took him to the
hospital, he was found to have an incision in his midsection. upon
closer examination, they discovered his kidneys had been removed.

Now, the person that told me this swears it's a real story, but it
sounds too weird to be true. Urban myth, I think so...

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