The Shop-Vac Jet Engine

From: Bill Dickup
Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 16:41:59 -0500

I was cleaning my pool last sunday when I heard several muffled explosions coming from my neighbors garage. Another neighbor and I ran to see what had happened. I had heard that sound once before as an off shore helicopter pilot working around natural gas platforms.

Apparently my neighbor was cleaning his boat gas tank and couldn't get the sediment out of the bottom. He decided to use his wet dry vac to remove the remainder of the sediment. When the remaining portion of the gasoline in the tank was vaporized and made its way up the hose to the motor, my neighbor had all the ingredients to have his very own gas turbine engine. Lucky for him there was only a small amount of vapor or he would have been the latest candidate for the darwin award.

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