The World's Coolest Harley

From: Noel Eyre <>

A New Zealander, on a trip to the USA, buys a Harley Davidson bike from some dude out in the sticks. He brings it back to NZ, and is the toast of the town for a few months. (Harleys are very sought after in NZ.) Anyway, a couple of years later, he comes upon hard times, and advertises the bike for sale. One prospective buyer becomes very excited, and offers him $30,000 for it. The guy gets a bit suspicious, and phones the NZ importers for their opinion. They send a rep around, who also becomes very excited about the find, and offers him $500,000! By this stage, he is very suspicious, so invests in a toll call to the Head Office of Harley Davidson USA. As he describes this bike over the phone, they get excited, and offer to send two reps over to NZ ASAP. Sure enough, when they've inspected the bike, they offer him a cool $5 million. for it. Of course, he accepts, but as they are signing over the papers he asks them why the fuss. They tell him that they shouldn't be disclosing the reason, but... hey, the papers are signed... One of the reps opens the gas cap. Engraved on the underside is the message: "To James Dean, love, Elvis."

I swear this is a true story, because I was that soldier.

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