The Robber Bridegroom

From: Jill

Here's one that's making the rounds with the engaged set in Southern California. It can't possibly be true - who would be that stupid - but it's got enough "juice" to make people, especially engaged women, just a bit nervous. Kinda fun for a prank (TELLING the story, not duplicating its events!) but the market is getting saturated - most people have heard it in some form or another.

A young couple was married amid much joy and hoopla. The wedding was a large, elaborate festival; the bride was radiant and the groom handsome. Both families were delighted.

During the reception, the bride's father placed his dinner jacket on the back of his chair and went off to dance and socialize. Later in the evening, he looked into his jacket pocket for several thousand dollars CASH to settle the final bills with the hotel, band and service people. The money was gone! What would he do? His daughter's wedding couldn't end in disaster.

Fortunately, one of his closest friends had an American Express gold card. The guest paid all the bills, and the next day, the bride's father repaid him in cash. But both were still astonished that a wedding guest had stolen the money.

A week later, the videographer delivered the wedding video to the bride's family. The father was amazed and sickened to see footage of his new son-in-law removing his jacket from the chair, removing the cash from the inside pocket, and placing it in his own wallet.

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