The Holiday Photo Surprise

Date: Sat, 31 May 97 05:56:32 UT
From: juliet
Subject: Holiday pictures give new meaning to buttfloss

This story was told to me by a friend of a friend of a friend who went on Holiday in Spain with his family by car and caravan....

When they finally found a camp site that wasn't completely full, they found that they had come to set up camp right next to a group of Hell's Angels. ofcourse they were horrified that this should happen, and they complained bitterly to the management who was not inclined to send his good customers away.. ofcourse there was no room anywhere else so they stayed in their caravan everytime the Angel's were there, suspiciously looking out.

This was noticed by them, and when the manager told them to tone it down they knew where it came from.

When the family of this friend returned from a daytrip to a village they saw some hell's angels scurrying out of their caravan howling with laughter!! They did not appear to be carrying anything that belonged to the family.

The family rushed to their caravan only to find that really nothing had seemed to have been disturbed or taken.

They decided to return to their home land nevertheless.....

When they got home and they developed their Holiday pictures they found fotos of the laughing hell's angels posing in their caravan with the families toothbrushes up their butts!!

This is absolutely true.

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