My Personal FAQ

Random and Mostly Trivial Questions I Occasionally Ponder

Most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) provide both the questions and the answers. They're acually not just FAQ but ATFAQ (Answers To Frequently Asked Questions). For the FAQ purists out there, I present these questions, without answers.

(Hmmm...maybe this page isn't what you were looking for.)

  1. In Quizno's advertising, the slogan is written "MMMM...Toasty!" (4 letters 'M'). However, in their radio and TV commercials, the announcer speaks "M-M-M-M-M...Toasty!" (5 'M' syllables). Isn't something wrong here? Shouldn't the announcer say it differently, with only 4 syllables? Or shouldn't they write it with 5 letters 'M'? Or should they write it "MMMM...MMMM...MMMM...MMMM...MMMM...Toasty!"?!?

More FAQ coming someday.